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Using a Webcam for Stopmotion

Exploring Video

Now that you have played around a bit with how stopmotion works by creating a "bouncing ball" animation in the last activity, the next step is to think about how to use your webcam for live footage. Here, we use a free software program called Jellycam, which utilizes your webcam (either built in or attached) as the means to capture images, frame by frame, and making them into a movie. Jellycam is one of the simplist stopmotion programs out there.


  1. To begin, you will need to download Jellycam , and if you don't already have the Adobe Air platform running on your computer, you will need to do that as well.

  2. Once the program is installed, launch the Jellycam application. The program has some basic instructions built into its interface. The first step is to make sure your camera is recognized by the program, and then experiment a bit. Make some funny faces and see how the stopmotion works.

  3. For your first little movie, why not find some stuffed animals or toys, and bring them to life with Jellycam. Take some shots, slowly moving the object, and then preview your movie in Jellycam. If you like it, you can then create a video file to either enjoy on your computer or to share with friends.


Things to Consider:

What did you notice about the image in the preview screen? When you went in one direction, what happened in the video?

What are some of the limitations of Jellycam? (What can't you do with the program that you wished you could do?)

Jellycam creates a video format known as "flash video files" or .flv video. This makes the files nice and small, but the trade-off can be high quality of the video and imcompatibilty at times with some video editing systems.

Do you see how the work we did in the first activity builds even further in this activity?

An Inside Look at Jellycam


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Extra Challenge

Now that you know how to use Jellycam, try to shoot more than one scene of a longer movie. Add a soundtrack from your MP3 files and a title, too. Can you figure out a way to bring the various scenes together into one video file? (Hint: you will need a movie editing program.)

JellyCam Tutorial

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